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Time Flies.

A phrase I’ve found myself repeating numerous times these past few days. And with good reason.

This week, 4 of my very best friends turned the grand old age of 21. Not ‘old’ by any feat, but a milestone in itself. With this I have found myself throwing this phrase at a number of parents, “Doesn’t time fly?”

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Hey everyone, do you remember me? It’s been a while so I don’t blame you if you don’t.

Now, over the past few months I have been dealing with a lot of stress based on a number of different things meaning that I haven’t updated for a while. So, considering that I have exams in the next coming month I have decided I am going to take a short hiatus so my priority will be my revision. This means that you probably won’t hear from me again until about….beginning of July??

I hope everyone who are doing their GCSE’s, A Levels and Uni exams the very best of luck. I know how hard it is and I wish you all the luck in the world.

Much love



Hey everyone, I know I seem to be doing this a lot, but I’m sorry for not posting much recently. I have good reasons this time I promise! 😛

Basically I’ve been in non-stop school mode for the past month what with coursework to complete and exams to prepare for that I have literally had no time to get on and post anything. Now it’s the Easter holidays and I thought “Yay! I’ll be able to make some posts for all my lovely readers!” Nope, not happening. The teachers have been so lovely that they have piled soooo much work on us all that I am literally swamped right now. I’m taking time out of doing my English Literature coursework just to make this official apology to you all, which is why I’ll make this short and sweet.

Once again, so sorry. I’ll try and get on when I can if I have anything interesting. I love all of you who have been reading.

Thank you 🙂


All done…but more to come :)

So the reason why I haven’t been posting much recently is because I’ve had exams in January and so I’ve been spending most of my time revising for them. But they’re all done now! Had my last one on Wednesday, it was IT. I think it went alright but I guess we’ll have to see in March won’t we. The only problem now though is that our teachers have decided that now the exams are over, they’re going to pile homework and coursework on us all at once! Aren’t they lovely 🙂 So I might not be able to post as much as I hope to but I’ll certainly try!

I have some new things that I can talk to you about. Written some reviews of some albums that I’ve listened to recently so I’ll post them up some time soon. Since 2011 started I’ve been listening to some artists that I’ve never listened to before and never thought I would listen to but they’re all really good! Also got some films that I’ve seen recently and a new book series that I’m almost finished so I’ll have quite a bit for you to read 🙂

I’m going to try and vary it for you a bit though so it’s not all about films, music and books. I have a trip down South coming up so you’ll definately hear about that and something more personal has happened that I’m waiting for results on so you’ll be notified of that aswell. Don’t worry it’s not really bad, I’m hoping (Y) 😀

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