As part of my Digital Media for Mobile Devices module I was required to develop an application to run on a mobile device, which would include a map that could be used to aid someone visiting an attraction. My chosen topic was Disneyland Paris. This would include maps of the two parks that families could use to navigate themselves around and find out more about the rides.


The first part of the app development process was to design the screen and usability features. This included to create a navigation diagram to show how each page would link together. This can be viewed below. It was also necessary to create a simple screen design diagram to show our first thoughts of how each screen will look. This can also be viewed below.


The app itself was developed using Xcode 5.1. By using xCode, the app will be available to all Apple devices using a 4 inch screen; including the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C and the 5th generation iPod Touch. Xcode itself is quite a tricky piece of software to use at first. With having little coding understanding I found it difficult to implement certain features, including the audio and video. To overcome this I used a range of online teaching materials as well as resorted to asking for assistance from a number of programming specialists I know personally.

Skills used include:

  • Animation – The pages featuring the rides slide in to view once accessed through the maps.
  • Video – A special 20th Anniversary video is present on the home page for the viewer to watch.
  • Sound – The iconic Disney theme plays in the background of each page as the user goes through the application.