So, let me tell you a little bit about me…

As you will already know, my name’s Charlotte (but most people call me Charlie, so as my newest friend you can too!), Marketing & Communications Officer, MA, BSc, Ultimate Nerd.

But lets rewind a little bit first shall we?

At school I was that kid who loved all things media and technology. I was constantly fiddling around with whatever new software I could get my hands on in the IT department. I loved creating websites, designing posters and graphics for imaginary films and tv shows that I had imagined in my mind. I played around with spreadsheets and databases – for fun I might add. I just loved seeing what I could do, and the possibilities were endless!

Now fast forward to the end of school, and you have that decision to make – “What do I want to do for the rest of my life?”

I knew I loved computers, and my IT teachers were some of the best people in the world. They just managed to keep me engaged and inspired during every lesson. So it was natural that my higher education was going to be something to do with computers.

Having lived in Chester my entire life, I knew I wanted to stay in this beautiful city. From the history and culture, to the people and the possibilities, Chester has everything to offer. Including an exceptional (an ever-so rapidly growing) University experience. So I packed my bags, hopped on a bus, and commuted to and forth from the University of Chester for 3 glorious years while I undertook a BSc in Information Systems Management.

This degree was a dream for anyone like me who wasn’t 100% sure what they wanted to do post-University. It gave me an insight into a wide number of computer and business acumens including, but not limited to, website development, mobile application development, business management and Marketing. But with such a wide array of skills, that still left me scratching my head with what career path I wanted to follow.

Cue 2nd year and a visit from a Digital Marketer from a local Digital Agency. Not even 5 minutes in and I already knew, this was the job for me. The opportunity to combine both my technical and creative skills, as well as turn my personal passion of writing into a job just sounded like the dream.

Fast forward 6 and a half years…

I have had some incredible opportunities to work in some brilliant Marketing teams across the North West, undertaking high calibre projects across a number of Marketing areas.

But…you remember earlier I said that Chester was where I wanted to stay? Well that’s changed. 2 and a half years ago I packed up my bags (well, boxes), bundled it all in my car, and drove 300 miles to the sometimes sunny South West, and a little town called Bristol.

I now work for a beautiful local children’s charity, Jessie May, using my skills and experience to help to spread the message and work our incredible Nurses undertake on a daily basis far and wide.