So normally I start off the year with a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ style blog post, but this year work has been so hectic that I’ve been actively avoiding the home keyboard. But work has actually been a good inspiration for what I hope will be a series of blogs for 2020.

This blog very quickly turned into a review-space, for me to share my thoughts, opinions and feedback on the different mediums that I find myself partaking in; Film, TV, Books, Music, etc, etc.

So I thought I would take that concept and weave it into a lil blog series/challenge to get myself back into the writing-zone.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year, The Year of the Rat. But today for Charlie, begins The Year of the Blog.

To keep me on track, I’ve come up with 6 different hashtags. Yes you heard right, hashtags. As follows:

  • #2020Vision – Films, TV or theatre productions – anything that I use my eyes watch (2020 Vision…get it? 😉)
  • #2020Reads – Anything with words – books/magazines/blogs that get read (for context, my Goodreads goal is 20 books this year)
  • #2020Sounds – Any new sounds – music, audiobooks, podcasts that I plug into my ears
  • #2020Plays – This covers games; whether they be video, board (which we’ve found a reignited love for) or even physical games/sports
  • #2020Travel – There’s a holiday already on the cards, with a few more short trips in the pipeline. Follow Charlie and co on our travels around the globe (or parts of it anyway)
  • #2020Tech – Hardware/software – the more ‘ware’ the merrier!

So what do we think? Will these hashtags motivate these keyboard tapping fingers of mine? Or will we find ourselves in this very same position in 365 days time?

Well, we’ll soon find out…