Look who’s already running behind on Blogmas…

To catch up as quickly as possible I decided to wrap this weekend up into one post, clearly I did this on purpose, and go over two things that I love to do during the Christmas period.

Arts and crafts are fun all year round, but there’s no time like Christmas to spend a few hours with good friends and some paint. That’s exactly what I did on Saturday! A few years ago my good friend Sam introduced me to the world of pottery painting. We went to our local place, Charley’s Ceramics, and spent a good few hours catching up over paintbrushes and pancakes (an interesting combination if you get the two mixed up!).

I called her up this week and we decided that a Saturday morning was the perfect time for a painting trip. Now I actually didn’t paint anything Christmassy this year, I instead used my time to create a Christmas gift for my youngest niece (and so I won’t be showing you that one for obvious reasons!), but I have posted a few photos below of ‘some I did earlier’ (plus Sam in her element!).

Saturday was quite a busy day for me as it was also the day of my Christmas meal with my friends. I passed the baton over this year to my friend Rach to organise this years meal, and it’s a good thing I did too!

In the run up to Christmas you can end up having SO MANY roast dinners that by the time you come up to the big day, it’s just plain boring! Rach decided we should go down a different route this year and so we ended up going to one of our local Indian restaurants, The Purple Olive.

Oh my gosh was it delicious. Giant poppadum’s to start, followed by creamy chicken passanda accompanied with garlic-y naan bread. Yum. I would definitely recommend people go down the ‘un-traditional’ route, it really paid off well!

In the usual fashion for our Christmas meals we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts. I tell you what, Rach did so well on the Christmas meal destination that I shouldn’t have been surprised on how well she knew what to get me as a gift. So please welcome the newest members of the Walton Funko family!