This was actually  Day 10, however it is coming to you on Day 13 because I was a little bit hungover over on the weekend and didn’t feel like sitting down to write. Then when I did, WordPress decided not to work, so I shuffled it round a bit!

So I give to you Day 13 (which is actually Day 10 (but is now Day 13))

Putting up the tree is an interesting tradition in our family. When I was little I remember all 5 of us cramming in the front room, donning Santa hats, stringing lights, throwing on tinsel and haphazardly chucking baubles on every available branch possible with Christmas music playing in the background. As the years went on, our room got emptier. My brother’s both went off to University and eventually moved out, leaving it to just me and my parents. Then the past few years there have been things happen that meant I have had to put up the tree all by myself….*cue Celine Dion*…. Luckily this year that wasn’t the case, and I had my Mum and Dad helping me.


Now we have a system in our house. First off, we have an artificial tree, so me and my Dad spend 5 minutes or so arguing about which branch goes where, and then spend a further 15 ‘floofing’ (that is a word) them out to look like a tree. Then come the lights. Now, my Dad is a Christmas tree light conneissuer, so I usually leave the lights up to him. But shock horror, we actually worked as a team this year and put them up together! I must say, they looked pretty awesome…*pats own back*

Then it was left to me to put on the decorations. Now you might be thinking “Gosh, all these systems, surely she must have an exact science to putting on the decorations?” You are in fact…wrong! The decorations have no system at all, I just fling them on where I think they look good at the time, cest la vie!

The one rule that I do have however is the topper. The tree topper always goes on last! A rule my Mum tried to break this year when she attempted to put the star on whilst we were still working on the lights! Blasphemous.

However, all rule-breaking aside, I think the tree turned out pretty well!


Do you have any tree-trimming traditions? Anything you think we should add to our system? Let me know!