Happy Christmas Jumper Day to all!

As it’s Christmas Jumper Day today, the day that everyone dons their gaudiest, brightest and baggiest (to make room for all those minced pies!) jumpers, I thought I would share the best Christmas jumpers I have seen this year. And yes, as a certified nerd, they will all be nerdy.

‘May the jumper be with you’

christmas-jumper-swAs a massive Star Wars fan, this jumper ‘jumped’ out at me. Made up of everyone’s favourite galactic heroes, this Star Wars Christmas tree jumper is perfect for anyone going on a journey to ‘a long time ago…’

Click here to buy this jumper , do or do not, there is no try.

Gotta catch ’em all…

christmas-jumper-pkmWith the rise of Pokemon this year, after the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon as well as Pokemon Go, there had to be a Christmas jumper featuring everyone’s favourite electric yellow mouse on this list.

Click here to find out how to catch this ‘electrifying’ Christmas comfort.

‘For the players’

christmas-jumper-psYou don’t get many video games set at Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them Christmassy yourself. With this Playstation jumper, featuring the classic PS controller buttons, you can sit on your bed marathoning Uncharted 4 and still feel the Christmas spirit as you adventure your way through vast jungles.


So there we have it. My top 3 Christmas jumpers this festive season, and of course I don’t own a single one. I have however been donning my Olaf jumper in work today as we’ve been raising money for the Welsh Air Ambulance. I was incredibly jealous of Chris’ jumper (below right), however…I suppose I should just ‘let it go’…

Merry Christmas from 1/2 of the LDF Marketing team. (📷: @michelle_may1984)

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P.S – No, I am not hired by Merchoid, they just have an awesome selection!