The first of the Blogmas guest post’s comes from my good friend, and work colleague, Michelle! When I asked Michelle to guest post earlier in the month she jumped at the chance to share some of her favourite films for the Christmas period. So without further adieu, I hand you over to her…


If you pop round for a cup of tea you’ll notice two things. Firstly there are Christmas scented candles EVERYWHERE!  And secondly that there is a huge pile of Christmas DVD’s stacked neatly by the TV waiting for Christmas to begin. ( you wouldn’t know this of course, but they’ve been there since mid- November)

I won’t lie I did cave and watch The Grinch with a glass of red and a cosy blanket at the beginning of November but the rest were strictly off limits until the Christmas feelings started creeping in. And creeping in it is, Chester Town is adorned with Green baubles and white lights, the Christmas market has taken over and I’ve had many a meetings in the very festive Town Hall!

Now I know what you’re wondering… if my home was suddenly invaded by Dementors (Although, not allowed in the muggle world, we’ve all see The Order of the Phoenix – they pay no attention to boundaries) Which 3 of my beloved Christmas films would I save?

 How the Grinch Stole Christmas  

This fury green Who, stole my heart from the moment I saw his grumpy face. Now, I will admit (begrudgingly) that I don’t like Jim Carey *takes cover behind the sofa* I know, he’s hilarious to most people but I just don’t get it, so I put off watching The Grinch for quite a long time. I love that the land of Whoville exists within a slow flake and that the mountain North of Whoville is called Mount Crumpit. But most of all I love that this big, fury, grumpy Who is in love with Martha May. Some believe that Cindy Lou saved the Grinch but I’m not so sure, I think Martha May had a lot more to do with it than she’s given credit for.

Santa Claus: The Movie

You know the one, the one in which the sledge is powered by fairy canes and driven by Patch. Every year I watch it and pray that the sledge doesn’t fall out of the sky. I’ve realised of course that there’s a reason why I feel like I’ve seen this Christmas film every year of my life and that’s because it came out in 1985! I was one! (Although, I will still protest that I’m 26). This film has been part of my Christmas tradition for my entire life and I hope I’m still watching it when I’m 86.

The Holiday

I’ve laughed with this film, I’ve cried with this film and through the years I think that I’ve related to nearly every character. I’ve also dreamed of living in Iris Simpkins  cottage – the day I found out it wasn’t real was a sad day indeed ! Jack Black never fails to make me laugh and I can’t help but dance around my flat to The Killers with Amanda Woods, glass of wine in hand and all.