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Blogmas: Day One – ‘Tis the season!

That’s right, it’s here. It’s time to trim those trees, deck the halls, and don the gaudiest jumpers you ever shall see. The countdown to Christmas has officially begun!

For me, this December is particularly special. Over a year ago (my how time flies) I made the decision to re-enter the world of further education and undertake a Masters degree…I know right? Well 431 days later I am pleased, and incredibly proud to say, that I am finished. 80 pages and 21,000 words have been typed, proofread, edited, further proof-read, further edited and finally…submitted*.

Therefore I am free to enjoy the Christmas season!

As a treat for yourselves I have decided to take on the challenge of Blogmas again this year, what with all the free time I have managed to conjure up! So for the next 24 days I will attempt to consistently blog about something festive. Notice the word attempt?

Things you can expect to see include: Christmas film reviews, catchy holiday tunes, festive food, family traditions and hopefully a guest blog or two!

So welcome to Blogmas 2016!


*Well, it will be on Sunday,probably after one final time of proof-reading!

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  1. Woo! YOU CAN DO THIS. Then you can relax! (Once I’ve done my little bit of proofing…I’ll get right on it.)

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