My third and final guest post of Blogmas comes from somebody who’s already featured in the past with her Cursed Child review, the one, the only, it’s Clare (better known as ABookandTea)! Clare’s Christmas traditions have always intrigued me, so I asked her if she would kindly share them for all to experience. Over to you Clare!

A themed Christmas

No Christmas is ever normal in the Henry household (are they ever normal?), because each year we have a theme. So far, we’ve had Hawaiian, Casino, the 80’s and this year, it’ll be the Nativity – quite traditional. My Auntie plays host and I’ve been told she’s got a bale of hay to make it authentic. My favourite had to be the 80’s because I spent most of my Christmas dressed as a Rubik’s Cube… who doesn’t like the sound of that?

A no turkey zone

I have never eaten turkey on Christmas Day. I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m not a big fan of meat, only pork. So for my Christmas dinner I have Gammon/Pork/Ham – delete where appropriate. It’s probably not that weird, but I guess it is a little bit when you don’t eat it on Christmas Day.

You don’t spend Christmas together?!

15451310_10157884901030228_1416772701_nI’ve been with my fiancée Tom for nearly 5 years; yet we’ve never spent Christmas Eve, or the entirety of Christmas Day together! People always think I’m crazy because they don’t get why Tom and I do it separately. Well, it’s because I hate breaking a tradition – that’s why! I stay the night at my Auntie’s over Christmas Eve, I have Christmas dinner with my family and then Tom and I will spend the evening together, whether that is just us two or with either of our families. It’s normal to me, but others often think it’s a little strange.