As Coldplay would say; “Lights will guuuuuiiiiide you home…“…however it was Ward Thomas who actually got me over the finish line last night!

I went out for a run when I got home from work. Now I’m not a fan of winter running usually, it’s cold, wet and incredibly dark! But yesterday I made myself don my fluorescent running jacket and brave the elements for (close to) 3k.

It was so worth it. I was anticipating trudging the streets with the faint glimmer of streetlights to guide me. But what I was treated to was a dazzling display of festive lighting that even Buddy Hall would be envious of! There was a real variety of simple strings of multicolour laced across the roof. to extravagant ‘life size’ reindeer and Father Christmases covering the front gardens.

For Blogmas Day 16 last year I posted something a bit different, and created a video of our newly strung (and bought) icicle lights that hang above my garage. For all those who may have missed it last year, here it is again! Enjoy…

I might try and get a video of my running route to show you all how magical it truly felt. Emphasis on the word might.