Tomorrow night streets will be swarmed with innocent little children, knocking door to door collecting sweets with a shrill cry of “Trick or Treat!”.

So to get in to the spirit of things I thought that I would share with you my Top 5 Halloween ‘traditions’ (and I put that lightly because I don’t actually do them every year!)

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving has been a classic Halloween tradition ever since I was a child. I would always look forward to the day I could squeeze the big orange fruit of its innards and stab into it with the sharpest knife in the house, drawing scary faces to ward all the other children from stealing my sweets!

But more recently I have enjoyed challenging myself with my pumpkin carving efforts, and have produced some results I feel pretty proud of!


Now I’ve just got to figure out how to top those this year.

2. ‘Scary’ Films

Now I say scary films because it’s Halloween, but I am actually not a fan of horror films at all. But that doesn’t mean that I should miss out on enjoying a flick or two during the holiday.


My favourite Halloween film (and it has just been confirmed that it is in fact a Halloween film!) is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love all things Tim Burton, and this classic just hits all the spots. The dark humour, the colourful animation and the stunning score puts it right up there as one of my favourite films ever.

Some other films I enjoy around this time are Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the Opera, Ghostbusters and I have to include Harry Potter. Although Philosopher’s Stone is the only film that really has any mention of Halloween!

3. The Strictly Special

I am the biggest sucker for some Saturday night Strictly. Give me Strictly over X Factor any day of the week. But there’s just something about Strictly Halloween week that gives it that extra oomf!


Of course no Halloween is complete without some sugary goodness. My Mum always goes above and beyond with the trick or treater sweets that we put out and never fails to provide one of my all time favourite chocolate bars; Milky Ways. I would always go for them, or drumstick lollies,  whenever I knocked on anyone’s doors. But Milky Ways are always so popular, because they’re so delicious, so im not always guaranteed to get one 🙁

This year however, I’ve bought the Halloween sweets. So you can imagine what I went for first. Yes, the Milky Ways are in, and I’m definitely siphoning off a few for myself before the children get their paws on them!

5. Costumes galore

31st October. Halloween. That can only mean one thing, I need a kick ass costume.

Unfortunately this year I have no reason to get dressed up, I’m on Trick or Treater duty this year so will instead get to experience the creativity of the children of today.

I remember when a top notch Halloween costume consisted of a black bin bag with arm holes cut out and tinfoil stars stuck on – witch no? Or of setting the scissors on grey old bedsheet and floating through the night as the ghost of the street.


So those are my spooky traditions for Halloween. I hope you all enjoy your evening, whether you’re getting costumed up to attend a Halloween shindig or, like me, enjoying a nice quiet night in with a bowl full of sugary goodness. But whatever you do, be safe!