So on May 28th EA Sports dropped the new trailer for FIFA 16 with the announcement that the Women’s National Teams would be added to the roster. They are IN THE GAME. Now as a woman, and an avid football fan, this is a huge step that I couldn’t be prouder to see one of the largest games developers taking. But some people aren’t happy. And surprise, surprise; they’re male.





These are just some of the downright sexist comments that have been made over the past few days since the announcement.

Now I’m not a born and bred feminist in any way, but this is clearly such an overreaction. It’s simple; you don’t like that Women are being introduced in to your ‘precious’ FIFA, don’t play it. Heck, boycott the whole thing and don’t buy the game! It doesn’t bother me.

Just know that I will be one of many female football fans who will be first in line to buy the game when it goes on sale. And if we ever meet over PSN, be prepared to cry. This game is as much for us, the players, as it is for the women’s footballers who time and time again are denied the recognition that they deserve. They work just as hard as the men to do their best for their countries, and this is just one of the first of many time’s they will be featured I hope.

Now lets have some parting words from some of the lucky girls who will be the first to be featured in the latest release:

















FIFA 16 is due for release in September.