Thunderbirds Are Go

Fans of the original series were skeptical about a modern day take on the classic Thunderbirds. Would we miss the overside, wobbly heads and clunky movements?

The simple answer for me; no.

The new Thunderbirds Are Go paid homage to the classic series in its own ways while taking a fresh and modern spin on the story.

The CGI has the Tracy Brothers looking sleek, with clean cut fresh suits and  Cleverly added scuff marks and slight dents in the vehicles gives the show that authentic feel. It is after all 2060.

The first episode was an action-fuelled 60 minutes, featuring everything from a hot air balloon rescue, undersea earthquakes – during which we feared for the life of Gordon and Thunderbird 4, Taipei almost being melted and a run-in with the ever famous ‘The Hood’.

There was a clear focus on the missing Jeff Tracy throughout the series opener. With Virgil Tracy’s somber “No one’s losing their Dad today.” to Gordon’s exclamation of “It’s what Dad would have done.” It was evident that Father Tracy’s sudden disappearance is still raw with the brothers. Whether we’ll find out what happened to him is a question that will have to be left as the series continues.

Thunderbirds Are Go promises more of the same throughout the new 26 episode series, with following episodes now lasting half an hour. My only qualm with the scheduling is that it’s now broadcast at 8am on a Saturday. All I can say is thank goodness for series record!

© Image courtesy of ITV Studios