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Is Country music dying out?

This is quite a random topic for a Sunday evening I know. But it’s one that has been on my mind for quite a few weeks now.

The Top 40 chart in the UK is made up of pop these days, with a bit of Indie and R&B mixed in to the loop. The last time we heard anything ‘country’ would have to be back in the early Taylor Swift days of ‘Love Story’ and ‘Mine’. But even those have to be labelled as glorified ‘Country Pop’.


Country is something that I never had an interest in growing up. To me it was a ‘boring’ musical genre. I just wanted music that I could jump around my bedroom and scream my voice off to. Pop music fit the bill perfectly. But in the past few years Country music has wormed its way in to my life, and into my heart.

It started really at a family gathering. A distant cousin of mine is a big lover of Country music and we got to talking about why I didn’t like it. He said he’d send me over a CD of some of his music collection. 2 CD’s with well over 100 albums appeared through my letterbox the following week. On it were a variety of different country singers. It’s safe to say I had no clue where to start. There were all sorts to chose from. Alan Jackson to Miranda Lambert. Chris Young to Tim McGraw. It was an education in itself.

But here’s the thing; I had no one to share this love of Country with. It’s not a go to genre for people my age. You don’t hear it on the radio, it’s rare to see a Country music singer performing at awards shows and there are next to know shows playing in my area. It is such an underrated genre. Majority of people I speak to about it label it as ‘boring’, ‘samey’ and mostly ‘for old people’. They couldn’t be more wrong. Country music speaks to the soul. The lyrics take you on a musical journey. I must admit it, I have probably cried at more songs written by Country artists, than that of any other genre.

Years on from that initial introduction and I’m still completely in love with everything Country. I get excited at the release of new albums, music videos and especially new talent. The reason behind this rant is simple. One of my favourite Country music singers, 23 year old sensation Hunter Hayes, is hitting the UK in May…and I have no one to go with. I guess I’ll just continue to sit here and watch videos of him on YouTube…

Despite the title of this post, I don’t think Country is dying, and it won’t do anytime in the near future. I think it’s slowly finding it’s place and is waiting patiently to pop up and storm the charts. Starting with the likes of the talented young gentleman I mentioned above.

If you, like me, enjoy all things Country please please get in contact. There aren’t nearly enough of us!

Peace and love.


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  1. I like a little bit of country, it can be fun and I like that the songs often tell stories in a way other genres don’t really do. I think that country music experience in the UK is perhaps very different to experience in other countries. I remember in 2008 when I went to the USA people were talking about country music like people here talk about pop music. Teenagers weren’t ashamed of it like they might be here. I’ve been exposed to small amounts here and there and wonder if it really is a country thing. Not the country music thing. Hang on, this is getting confusing. I wonder if the thing with country music is dependent on the country you live in. Maybe you’re just in the wrong country to be a country fan. Either way, people don’t enjoy other genres nearly enough. So many people still fit themselves into musical boxes like it really matters. There are some great country stars out there who deserve to be talked about, so get out there and do it! 😀

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