Happy Hump Day! And not just any, today marks exactly one week until Christmas Eve! How time flies huh?

DIY Decorations

Today’s post is going to be a little different and will comprise of mainly pictures, but I’ll give you a bit of back story. Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to spend a good hour (sure it went more in to 2) scrolling through Pinterest. I’ve never really used Pintrest much, I’ve had an account for a while, but more recently I’ve found myself having a bit of a browse before I go to bed. It’s really great for home decor ideas, and around Christmas it’s perfect.

So today I’m going to post some of the best DIY Christmas decorations and Christmas home decor that I found on my travels through the Pinterest universe!

Christmas lanterns

Christmas Lantern Lights

We have things like this at home, although ours are more vases with fairy lights inside of them. But I’ve always loved old fashioned lanterns and feel like the added fairy lights embellish the magical feel!


Bauble Centrepiece

This piece is really simple yet effective, and can be put together on a budget! This is simply a glass cake stand covered in different shapes and variations of baubles topped off with a solid sized candle. The thing I love most about this is that you can tailor it to your own colour scheme and easily change it each year for a bit of variety!


Blackboard Advent Calendar

Blackboard? Check. Small paper bags? Check. Wooden pegs? Check. String? Check.

That’s all you need for this really effective advent calendar. On Pinterest this is actually called the ’25 Random Acts of Kindness’ calendar. So I think the idea is that you put one act of kindness that you have to complete each day. I love this idea, there are too few people who will help someone carry their shopping, give money to charity or simply just hold the door open for a person.

The nice thing about this advent calendar is that once the festive period is over you can take the string, pegs and bags down and reuse the board for another purpose. Got to love recycling!

Card Tree

Christmas Card Tree

I always struggle on how to display my Christmas cards. We get tons through the letterbox each day from family members and old family friends, and they end up just getting piled up on the side. This design is very clever and easy to implement. It’s simply some strips of sticky tape cut out in the shape of a Christmas tree, and then each strip has a peg attached that you clip the card to.

Are there any DIY decorations or home decor ideas that you would recommend? If so, post them below!

Peace, love and I’ll be back tomorrow.