For those who don’t know of today’s global holiday, I myself had no clue, today is World Cat Day.

Now instead of  looking at all the pretty kitties….I’m not a fan of cats in general, I urge you to use today to do some good.

A hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today there are as few as 3,200. 

This is a quote direct from the Save Tiger Now campaign by the World Wildlife Fund and supported by Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Their goal is to try and double the amount of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

This is a campaign that I support fully. Tigers have always been a great passion of mine. The sheer ferociousness of the animals, all the while being both graceful and extremely dopey at the best of times! It is a dream that I will one day be able to visit tigers in their natural habitat, seeing them where they belong. Some people don’t have the same opinion as me though. They see tigers as a means to an end, killing them for their skins or bones. Even the thought of it has my fists clenching.

Now I don’t want to grovel and beg for you to donate towards this campaign, I don’t work that way. Instead all I ask is for you to go and visit their site (which can be found here), have a look around and find out about ways that you can help the cause.



P.S – This is my favourite cat video of the day. Tau and Napolean must be in the spotlight. Help celebrate World Lion Day with them this Sunday, 10th August.