Since its release in 1996 Pokemon Red and Blue has sold over 31 million copies worldwide, one of the best selling RPG games of all time. In the modern day it seems that the game has made its comeback.

On 12th February 2014 a social experiment began on video game broadcaster The name, ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’. Simple, straightforward, but by no means an easy feat. The idea was for viewers to be able to control the character in the game, working together towards the same goal. The problem was, with an average of 50,000 people playing at the same time, not everyone had the same idea of where to go. The algorithm used worked out the average of the comments being left, to work out This led to a lot of walking in circles…for a long period!

Twitch Plays Pokemon

The game was ultimately completed on 1st March 2014, with over 390 hours of play. I’m not sure even I spent that long playing Pokemon Red when I was younger!

Now a new Pokemon phenomenon has crept through the woodwork. Grayson Hopper has been playing Pokemon for over 125 hours already and has only managed to beat one opponent and named his first Pokemon, a Charmander. Although the name ‘AAAABBK’ is something we’ve never heard before. Did I forget to mention? Grayson is a fish.

There have been a number of highly concerned viewers watching Grayson, taking to social media sites with worries that the poor soul wasn’t living. They were gently reassured that Grayson was just taking an afternoon nap.

The main concern however was not the wellbeing of Grayson. It is whether or not this game will ever be completed by a fish. Fish themselves have a very short term memory, around 3 seconds supposedly, but apparently aren’t fabulous at controlling video games either. The concept used a tabular setup by which each cell in the table controls the corresponding button on the gameboy. This table has been projected on to the side of Grayson’s tank and when he swims in to each section the command is performed.

125 hours later, Grayson still hasn’t left Pallet Town. And as fans of Pokemon know, Pallet Town is where you start. Whether or not he will ever complete the game is yet to be seen. For now, it’s a long way off.

You can keep up with Grayson’s journey below.

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