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What is ‘beauty’?

We live in a strange and harsh society. One where your skin colour should be more orange than pink, where you need to look like a stick insect to be called beautiful, and one where your legs apparently can’t touch each other to be deemed ‘perfect’.

First came the ‘thigh gap’. The idea that the skin of your thighs should be at least…well…not within touching distance. Now, out of the woodworks some strange phenomenon called the ‘finger trap’ has appeared. According to China’s ‘Facebook’ Weibo:

If you’re “beautiful,” you are able to place your index finger against your nose and have your lips touch said finger. If your lips are unable to make contact with your finger, then you’re “ugly.”

Now I normally don’t like to speak on these things. I’m not a beauty blogger of any kind. But I have only one thing to say, this is getting out of hand. There is no perfect. There is just you. I am sick and tired with all of these judgements that people need to be a size 0, have blemish free skin and plaster their faces in every single product available to look ‘pretty’.

What should matter is being true to yourself. I would much rather be healthy and confident in my own skin, than go on one of these ridiculous ‘diets’. Yes there are things that I would love to be able to change about myself, there probably always will be, but I am not going to go through some strict regimen where I can only drink some green goo for the rest of my life to please everyone else.

I want girls of a young age to not have to worry about how they look. They should be enjoying their lives, playing with friends, going to school and being happy in themselves. Luckily there a lot of role models out there for them (and me) to look up to. But there are still those out there that try to make us doubt ourselves. Please, don’t listen.

From a normally non-ranting me, love yourself the way I do. Just the way you are.


  1. Hear Hear!!! You’ve reminded me of the ‘song’ Everybody’s Free (to Wear Suncreen) and the line “Do not read beauty magazine, they will only make you feel ugly” and these days it’s not just beauty magazines, it’s newspapers (the Daily Fail) and television programmes, and celebrity gossip magazines. It’s Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and people really need to learn to say no to it. Your post is perfect.

  2. It’s such a great feeling when you realize that it only matters what you yourself think and feel. It’s a kind of freedom. Beauty is freedom.

  3. Love this!! so true x

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