“On completion of my degree I would like to advance towards taking a PGCE in IT for Primary or Secondary school pupils.  I have a passion for the subject and feel that I could introduce a new generation in to the creative field of IT and inspire them to further their studies in the subject the way I have done.”

An actual quote, written by me, over 3 years ago. How times do change a person.

The question floating around everyone’s mind these days is this; What comes next? Do I further my education? Get a job? Take a gap year? There are endless choices. Something that I didn’t fully realise until recently.

The quote above was set in stone for me. 3 years of University followed by a PGCE and I could teach. I could have a classroom full of bright eyed children looking to me to inspire and educate them. To prepare them for their future. That was what I was going to do. No other options.

But there are thousands of options. Things my brain just didn’t click on to until a little later. So there I was. Spending weeks sat in the back of a classroom, shadowing teachers, making notes, preparing for my future. And I have to admit it; I was bored. No disrespect for teachers at all (they are absolute miracle workers doing what they do), but this is when I started to second guess myself. And it took one trip and a whole lot of research to snap my brain in to gear.

I recently took a trip to London with my parents to watch the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena. No, I’m not going to become a world famous WTA tennis player, calm down!

It was the buzz, the electricity, the never ending noise. London. The capital of our great United Kingdom, full of hope, opportunity and promise. It filled me with energy. Energy I’d been lacking for quite some time now. That is exactly what I need.

So I made my decision. Teaching isn’t for me. At least not right now. But there are passions of mine that give me that same buzz I felt in good ole London town. Things that I’m already doing in everyday life. These are the things I need right now. So it’s back to the grindstone. Trolling the thousands of graduate websites, filling in countless applications and hoping there’s something out there with my name on it.

And who knows. Maybe one day I’ll be answering to the cries of “Miss!” once again.