I am not suggesting that you go and get yourself a floury tortilla filled with delicious Mexican chilli. Although that does sounds delicious right now….mm….

No. I am of course referring to the trusty catchphrase of the Nerdist podcast, hosted by the always funny and charming Chris Hardwick.

I first listened to an episode of his show only a few months back (guilty as charged!) when I was on a Nathan Fillion hype. I was raiding iTunes for anything with Captain Reynolds in to listen to while I read and came along this little gem. Of course at this time I didn’t know exactly who he was and so thought “Hey, I’ll give it a go. It’s got Nathan Fillion!”

Oh wow.

Anyone who personally knows me can tell you I’m addicted. Chris Hardwick. This man. An absolute master! The satirical genius that comes out of this mans mouth, while still keeping his guests, most of the time,  is just. It’s just. There are no words.

So far I have listened to a number of different celebrity interviews including David Tennant, Tom Hiddleston, Anna Kendrick, Jenna Louise Coleman and many more. What I like about these interviews in comparison to any others is the wild tangents that they take. They can be talking about something completely normal, and suddenly creating their own TV show ‘Men on Waves’ that takes place at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (see the Jenna Coleman episode).

My favourite episode to date is from 5 months ago with Josh Groban. An episode of quick-witted jokes and a whole lot of singing from our tenor.


So please, introduce yourself to this incredible show. Sit back, plug those earphones in and enjoy. And if you get hooked, you know where to find me!