A phrase I’ve found myself repeating numerous times these past few days. And with good reason.

This week, 4 of my very best friends turned the grand old age of 21. Not ‘old’ by any feat, but a milestone in itself. With this I have found myself throwing this phrase at a number of parents, “Doesn’t time fly?”

It’s only now, after all of the merriment and celebration that I take the time to think, does time really fly or do we just live each moment, each minute, each second, to it’s very best?

Last night I sat with a group of young adults, some great friends that I have treasured knowing over the years. We reminisced about our times together, from primary to secondary school. Every teacher, classmate, school trip and playground adventure. We looked back on fond memories, together and apart. And it made me wonder.

Will we look back on the days to come in another 10 years, as if it were mere seconds ago? Will time whizz past in a blur just as it has? The next time we all celebrate a momentous event could be an engagement, a wedding, the birth of a child. And it’s in these moments that we take a step back and realise, we won’t stay young forever. But we’ll try our hardest to.

20130906-132023.jpgMe, the two birthday girls and our good friend.

P.S – Another piece of evidence for time flying, this post coming over 3 months after my last post. Apologies!