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There’s a murder afoot!

No, I’m not plotting the downfall of anyone. You can all take a breath.

This year marks the 123rd Birthday of the extraordinary, one of a kind, crime novelist Agatha Christie. To mark this momentous year, Waterstones have created an, if I may say so myself, ingenious competition for all you undercover detectives out there. A ‘whodunnit’ for the modern age.

Welcome to the Blogger Murder Mystery. 

Below is a statement from investigation frontrunner DCI Michael Scott (DCIMikeScott):

From DCI Michael Scott

“Waterstones invited six prestigious fashion and beauty bloggers – Elly, Kel, Sophie, Naomi, Katrina Louise and Mat – to its very first Fabulous Fashionista of the Year Award, held amid a lavish cupcake dinner at Cryptic Hall. However, events have taken a dark turn and Mat, the winner of the award, has been found dead in the bathroom. Foul play is most certainly suspected.

Details of the night are still sketchy, but we know all six fashionistas were known to each other at the time of the killing and enjoyed a friendly rivalry in the world of fashion blogging. Also in Cryptic Hall at the time were Jane, the owner of the manor, and a chef, Lucinda, who was hired to put on a delicious spread of cupcakes for the guests.

According to my interviews, the guests arrived at Cryptic Hall at around 6pm or just before. They sat down to enjoy Lucinda’s cupcakes and discuss their blogging with one another. There was a short break for coffee at around 6.40pm, during which time many of the guests seem to have left the table for various reasons. At 6.55 or thereabouts, we received a phone call from the suspect who found the body, claiming there had been a murder at Cryptic Hall.

Unfortunately, many of the suspects seem unwilling to cooperate, for reasons that are still being established. If you think you can tease more information out of them, ask them about their activities on that night via Twitter – and when you think you ascertained the culprit, the motive and the method, please relay your suspicions to me, DCI Michael Scott. Together, we can get to the root of this tale of intrigue, jealousy, high fashion and sweet, sweet cupcakes.”

The List of Suspects

Naomi @Bewitchery_
Jane @ITYDarling
Lucinda @ljbarton
Katrina @carouseldiary
Sophie @sophiepatricia6
Kel @kellovesclothes
Eleanor @ebsnare

So, fellow sleuths, time for us to get our thinking caps on, our keyboard fingers buzzing and ask those all important questions. Talk to the suspects using #BloggerMystery, find out their whereabouts at the time of the murder, if there were any rivalries between any of the contestants. Once you think you know who the culprit is contact Detective Scott giving the name of the killer, the motive and the method by Friday 20th September at Midnight.

Good luck sleuths!

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  1. I’m not one for murder mysteries (perhaps it goes back to GCSE when we had to write our very own and I failed miserably) but the concept is fantastic and it’s very exciting.

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