Well…that’s what we like to think. But then we realise just how busy our lives actually are. I have finished all of my exams, finally. Phew! And have now been thrust in to the face of reality. Full-time work, 9-4 (lucky for me), 5 days a week. No, I haven’t graduated quite yet. We have begun our 5 week placements for our Work Based Learning module.

Now 5 weeks doesn’t seem so bad does it? No I didn’t think so too. Until mine turned in to 6!

Due to someĀ unforeseenĀ circumstances I unfortunately had to pull out of my initial placement. This lead to some quick thinking on mine and the WBL department behalf. Kudos to the staff in the University of Chester Work Based Learning Department. Those people can get things sorted quickly! So Tuesday morning I have a meeting with the head of the programme. By 4pm that day I have a new placement ready to begin the following morning. Result!

So yes, this week has been fairly hectic I must say. But I must also admit that I have enjoyed the whole experience. When I finished my last exam I thought that I would enjoy having nothing to do. Being able to put my feet up and not have any responsibilities for anything. Then I realised just how boring that is.

I think this is the time that makes or breaks us as human beings. These next few months will test us in ways that we can’t imagine, and probably won’t even realise. I had dinner tonight with an old friend, and we discussed what the next few months will bring and the choices that we will soon have to make. It terrified both of us when we realised just how far we had actually come in our lives and the paths we have yet to travel.

Next year I will have finished my time at University. I will graduate alongside all of my friends and then it will be time to begin the ultimate journey. I for one cannot wait.