So it’s over. And no, I haven’t broken up with my long term boyfriend, or witnessed the cancellation of my favourite TV show. No. At 3.53pm I walked out of computer room, slung my bag over my shoulders and felt the lightest I have been all year. I have finished my 2nd year exams.

To some this may sound underwhelming. But believe me, when you spend 3 weeks non-stop revising, it comes as such a relief. Now I can only hope that it pays off!

However now I am at a dead end. What do I do with my days? The week after next I spend 6 weeks on work placement, going out in to the big bad world and learning from people will real experience. But after that, I have free time from June – October. That’s 5 months! Wow…I’ve only just put it in to perspective.

Got a lot of summer plans however. Wimbledon, Germany, Scotland, work. But I really want to develop myself further during this time so I can go in to my final year with a focus. So my goals for the summer are:

  • Develop my photography. I have finally saved up for a DSLR I’ve been wanting for a while and my trips will definitely give me the opportunity to improve.
  • Get graphical. I have recently gained access to Adobe and wish to familiarize myself with InDesign and Illustrator.
  • Put pen to paper. My writing was put on the back burner while finishing assignments and taking exams, but there’s no excuse anymore. The travelling should definitely help to inspire the words.
  • Volunteer more. There’s nothing moreĀ fulfillingĀ than giving back to those in need and helping the community.
  • Prepare. Of course, some of this summer will be used to prepare for next year. Do some early reading for my modules and such.

My plan is to never give myself a break. I don’t want to look back at the summer and realise I’ve wasted it sitting at home, aimlessly scrolling through the internet. I want to be up and out there, creating memories.