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Another day. Another year older.

There comes a time in your life where you look back on the things you have done and look forward to the things that have yet to come. This is one of those times.

Tomorrow I turn 20. A relatively small number in such a large world we live in. But over the past 240 months of my life I have experienced things many people never in their entire lifetime. And this is only the beginning.

Signs have been cropping up frequently in the past week, sending me messages in the books I have read, the films I have watched and the experiences I have had. Telling me that now is the time time to change. It has really helped me to re-evaluate the place I am in and where I want to be.

So my message for you is this:

Live life each and every day. Make mistakes as often as you can. Don’t hide from the world, be bold and show it who you are. Take every minute head on and make it count. Smile, cry, laugh. Live your life, because you only get the one.

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  1. TOMORROW?! You kept that one quiet (ish) 😛

    Lovely sentiments!

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