That song has been permanently fixated in my head for the past week. But it’s finally around. The 1st of December is upon us and with it brings 4 weeks of holiday cheer and festive spirits. As we speak I am currently carolling in my own bedroom, nothing can keep me from singing my heart out at this time of year. Me and my Mum do an award winning rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside.

We started off our Christmas movie marathon this evening with The Santa Clause, which is one of my absolute favourites. Purely for this bit:

“Popo Gigio!”

Oh Tim Allen does make me chuckle. So the plan will be to watch the 2nd and 3rd film tomorrow and maybe Monday evening, but then we have a plethora of options which I am equally excited to watch. We have a very extensive collection of Christmas films, adding up to around 15 movies in total to watch before the big day!

Of course the beginning of the month also signifies the beginning of advent which can only mean on thing. Chocolate for breakfast! I absolutely love advent, I have my Milkybar advent calendar that I eat in the morning and then we have an advent calendar that our Mum made us which has little pockets for each day in which she puts treats for the evening. We do also light an advent candle in the evening each day however we have yet to buy one this year. Must get on to that soon!

I do love tradition. Soon it will be time to put up the decorations, we will take a walk around our neighbourhood and look at all of the Christmas on display and then we will go to the theatre a little nearer to Christmas Day. I think this year we’re going to see White Christmas in Manchester which I am stoked to go and see because I love the Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye film. Me and Mum always watch it together of an afternoon. See, tradition 😉

I will go back to rocking out to my Christmas songs, hope you all enjoy your December. Feel free to share any traditions that you and your family have around this time 🙂