So, it’s all over again! It’s amazing just how much preparation goes in to this one day and then in the space of 24 hours it’s gone. Doesn’t make it any less fun though!

It’s now days after the big day and we’re still in the Christmassy mood. Christmas isn’t about the gifts or the food. It’s about the company. It’s about the atmosphere. The time shared with friends and family, playing games and being merry.

Tomorrow brings in the start of the new day. And today begins the ever growing list of ‘resolutions’ that people can only hope to meet in the new year. The classics; “I’m going to get fitter.” “I’m going to give up smoking.” “I’m going to eat healthier.” We hear the same thing each year and then come December 31st the outcome remains to be seen.

So this year I aim to do things differently. I’m going to set myself 10 goals to complete that I didn’t quite make in 2012, and when midnight of December 31st 2013 is upon us I shall reflect on the past 12 months and see just how many I have completed.

  • Read more books. My reading severely lacked over the last 12 months so my ideal goal would be to read AT LEAST 2 books each month.
  • Pass my driving test. My theory runs out in September of this year so this will be a severe test of my strength to see if I can battle my anxiety issues to make this happen.
  • Run the Race For Life. Rather than the typical ‘get fit’ outlook this will give me a clear goal to work towards with a positive
  • Total 500 miles on my bike. This one I may find tricky but will be a fun challenge to try to make.
  • Write a screenplay. This has been something I have been interested in my whole life but have never really put it into practice until this year. I have a few ideas flitting around so we’ll see.
  • Say ‘Yes’ and mean it. I have had problems this year with stress and anxiety that have lead me to missing out on things. 2013 sees the end of this!
  • Write what I feel. In someways this feels like me trying to make up a 10th goal as I have already mentioned writing a screenplay. But here I mean to write more in everyday life. Whether it be a short story, a diary entry or a blog post. I miss my writing and I want to share it with you.

So lets raise a glass and toast to the new year. Here’s hoping 2013 is an exciting one. I know mine should be!