So last week kicked off the start of my summer holidays. 4 glorious months off! Of course in that time I will need to find a job to fund next years University fees but other than that I have had quite a busy first week.

The week kicked off on Tuesday. I awoke bright and early, set up my laptop and waited patiently for 8.40 am. Why? Phantom of the Opera is returning to Liverpool Empire next year! So of course I had to get tickets. It wasn’t till 10 past 9 however that I found out the tickets weren’t on sale until 10am 😛 woops! But 10am hit and I raced back online, found seats, paid and got my confirmation email. 4 rows from the front on March 1st baby! I’m so excited (and kind of broke)!

Wednesday rolled around and we were off to see the Dee & Alyn local theatre group’s production of Oliver at Theatre Clwyd in Mold. It was absolutely incredible, the children were so adorable and the music and choreography was flawless. Such a brilliant production and definitely worth going. Absolutely looking out for future production by the Dee & Alyn company.

Thursday was a pretty rubbish day as I was ill, so did the normal. Went to the doctors, came home, dosed myself up and watched movies on the sofa all day. It’s nice to have a relaxing day once in a while!

Friday night I went to the Boyce Avenue concert at Liverpool O2 Academy featuring Alex Goot and Tyler Hilton as support acts. It was incredible! I was really looking forward to it as I love Alex and Tyler’s music and so was really excited when I heard they were supporting. But I was blown away by Boyce Avenue. I’d heard some of their covers of certain songs but their original music was just….there are no words. The lyrics are incredibly beautiful and the messages that the words sent across really touched my heart. I am definitely going to see them again in my life!

Plus, who could deny that the boys are incredibly beautiful? 😉

And then began the weekend. Saturday….I actually can’t remember what I did on Saturday…OH! I went shopping for Father’s Day (yes I left it waaay last minute) and then my parents went to a wedding so I had a night watching things on Netflix. Was good!

Sunday I was really excited for. About 2 months ago I entered a competition on Twitter through Chester Chronicle to win tickets to Chester Rocks. And I won! I was super hyped! And it was so so so so good! Kudos to Chester Racecourse and Tuborg for putting together such a fantastic show!

The lineup itself was really good. I was excited to see Katy B and Pixie Lott but I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed some of the other acts. The Loveable Rouges were really good, I like their style, and Labyrinth was amazing! It was just so good! Seriously such an incredible afternoon had dancing and having fun with some great friends 🙂

And so begins a brand new week. What it will bring, we shall have to wait and see!

Muchos love to you all!


P.S – More pictures from both events will be posted on Flikr in due time, when I create an account! 😛