So this is two days late but what with all of the family fun I had this week I just didn’t have time 😛 I had both brothers come home for the weekend and enjoyed spending time with them, and my younger cousins came up for the weekend too which was brilliant. I hardly see them that often anymore which is upsetting but I like to enjoy the little time we have together. My youngest cousin is so sweet and his little face when I said bye to him, heartbreaking! 🙁

As you already know I gave myself quite a tricky challenge this year for lent. I cut off all ties with chocolate. SHOCK! But 40 days later and I am happy to say that I completed Operation Choc-less and I now feel so much better for it. I look at chocolate now and I really don’t want to eat it. But all good things come to an end. I asked family not to get me easter eggs and what’s happened? I’ve ended up with 8 of them, a packet of mini eggs and a bar of Lindt chocolate :S

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend whether you were with family, friends or alone with your chocolate.

Love to all! 🙂