I have only just realised that I haven’t let any of you know about my challenge! Well not really a challenge, I thought it was going to be hard.

I decided this year that I was going to give up chocolate for lent, what with my health kick happening and I realised that I don’t really need to eat chocolate. I just used to eat it really because it was there. Now 7 weeks of no chocolate sounds a lot. I thought so! But here we are, week 6 and only one more week to go! I’m not really missing it that much if I’m honest. I’m thinking that because I’ve done so well maybe there is no point in me actually going back to eating chocolate. I’ll eat it every now and again, just not to excess. It’ll be healthier for me, and I’ll feel so much better for it 🙂

Giving up something for lent has made me feel so great. It’s shown me that if I put my mind to it I really can do anything. I’m going to try and think of something challenging for next year. Hope everyone else who gave something up are going well. Only 7 days left guys! 😀