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Top 5 of January: TV

If I’m completely honest I didn’t watch much TV this month and so I didn’t have much that I could choose from in my top 5. But from what I did manage to get round to watch I have picked the programmes that I thought were the best.

When I heard that they were creating a Skin Series 5 I was a bit wary. I really liked Skins series 3 & 4 because I found that the characters were really relateable and I really liked their personalities. So with series 5 I was a bit wary of whether to watch it or not. I gave the first episode a shot, considering that was the only one that aired in January :P, and I actually thought it was alright. The characters were a bit vague but the storyline, cyberbullying, was really good and very relevant to real life. Kudos to the Skins creators.

Skins – Series 5

I posted a while ago about the new series of Wild at Heart, I just can’t believe that there have been 6 series of it. I remember watching the very first one! I’m so glad that Alice and Danny got married, they deserve to be happy. I’m really starting to like the new Olivia actress and I’m loving the storylines that they are doing. Incredible.

Wild at Heart – Series 6

I must admit that I was worried a Primeval. What with it being cancelled at first. But I am very happy that they have managed to create two more series just because then it doesn’t leave the story on a cliffhanger. I love that Connor and Abby are together, their relationship always manages to put a smile on my face 🙂 When I first heard about the new team, well two new members even, I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to live up to the likes of Cutter or Danny, but Matt and Jess are brilliant. I love Matt’s banter with Becker and I love that Jess and Becker are trying to dismiss their obvious feelings for each other thus when they are together they act all awkward and shy! Love, love, love.

Primeval – Series 4

Glee series 2! What can I say? Absolutely phenomenal. I thought that the first series was brilliant, the second just wipes the floor of it. The storylines that they have chosen to do; identity, sexuality, religion, insecurity. A lot of the new episodes, I must admit, have made me cry a little bit because they are so true to life and mirror the sorts of situations that many of us go to on a day to day basis. Kurt is slowly becoming my favourite character and Chris Colfer definitely deserved that Golden Globe. Kudos to Ryan Murphy and the entire cast.

Glee – Series 2

My first choice this month has to be Silent Witness. This series is the first one I have ever seen but since watching I am definitely going to be watching all of the older series. I am absolutely in love with the Harry/Nikki relationship, they have to get together some time soon! I have never really been one for watching medical programmes with a lot of blood shown but this series didn’t bother me one bit. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next series.

Silent Witness – Series 14


  1. i love primeval
    (i hope thers a series 6) 😀

  2. i dont watch skins or glee but primeval ROX 😀

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